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Denny Hamlin booed by fans after he wrecked Chase Elliott (VIDEO)

Danny Hamlin was not popular among fans who attended the NASCAR Cup Series race at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday.

Hamlin battled with Chase Elliott — who had the lead at the time — on the final few laps of the race, and appeared to tap his opponent’s bumper. That spun Elliott out and sent him into the wall, ending his chance of winning the race.

The two drivers got into a bit of a heated altercation when discussing the incident after the race as well.

Hamlin was asked about his role in the crash in a post-race interview, and that’s when fans took the opportunity to make their voices heard, which they did by booing him.

It’s hard to figure out what Hamlin was hoping to accomplish, but it’s clear that the fans don’t believe his motives in lobbying for position with Elliott were pure.