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Derrick Johnson flattens Marcus Mariota with crushing hit

Chiefs veteran linebacker Derrick Johnson is 35 year sold, but he showed he can still lower the boom on his opponents during Saturday’s wild-card game against the Titans.

Johnson destroyed Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota on one particular play in the game, on a hit that could be felt through television sets. It happened on a third-and-four situation, with Johnson lined up where he normally does in the middle of the field, not telegraphing whether he was blitzing or not. The ball was snapped, and Johnson then took off running on a delayed blitz, which appeared to confuse Titans running back Derrick Henry, who helped block Tamba Hali, rather than paying attention to the Chiefs linebacker. That proved to be a big mistake, as Johnson came flying through — unblocked — and delivered a crushing hit on Mariota for the sack.

Mariota’s likely going to feel that one in the morning. Henry’s mistake proved to be costly, as the Titans were forced to settle for a field goal on the drive, and still trailed by double digits as a result.