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Devonta Freeman changed cleats twice during game due to poor field conditions

It’s no secret that the Falcons play better on turf, but the team managed to overcome playing on a surface at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum that really wasn’t suited for football at all.

The stadium uses real grass for its surface, but unfortunately, patches of it were ripped up, and players were seen slipping all over the field during the game.

Falcons running back Devonta Freeman even commented that he had to change cleats twice to deal with the poor field conditions.

Teammates Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones also stated that the surface made it difficult for players to get traction during the game.

It really is amazing that the Rams allowed the surface to be as torn up as it was for a playoff game, especially given the issues the NFL has had with injuries. We’re just happy that no one from either team was seriously injured during the game.