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Diego Costa grabs John Terry’s groin area, smacks behind to celebrate EPL title win (VIDEO)

Chelsea clinched the 2016-17 English Premier League title on Friday after scoring a late goal to defeat West Bromwich Albion, 1-0.

The Blues pulled off quite the turnaround in just one year, after finishing in 10th place last season. This title win marked their fifth in the Premier League era.

Heading into the match, Chelsea maintained a seven-point lead over second-place Tottenham, with just three games remaining. All the club needed was a win over WBA, but even that wasn’t certain. The match was scoreless until Michy Batshuayi broke the tie with an 81st-minute goal.

That proved to be enough to get Chelsea the 1-0 win, giving them a 10-point lead in the standings, and the title win.

That seemed to be cause for celebration, so that’s exactly what the players did. Check out this odd exchange between Diego Costa and John Terry. Costa appeared to express his jubilation in the form of grabbing Terry’s man region, and also spanking him on his behind.

Athletes sometimes do strange things in the heat of the moment, but you can’t blame them for celebrating in such a “passionate” way.