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Donald Trump fires back at LaVar Ball, likens him to Don King

The Donald Trump-LaVar Ball social media war is officially in full swing, and it may never end, given that it involves two egotistical people who always feel like they have to get the last word in.

Ball continues to downplay Trump’s role in getting LiAngelo Ball and his two UCLA teammates released from jail in China, which is interesting, because if the POTUS didn’t do it, then it’s a wonder who did. Trump, to his credit, seemed to intervene on Ball’s behalf, and now feels slighted that the Big Baller Brand founder has been so ungrateful about it.

Trump took to Twitter early Wednesday morning and fired a few more shots at Ball, which includes a comparison to Don King.

He might not be far off the mark with the King comparison, actually. The mouthy Ball has no problem making brash, sometimes nonsensical statements if he feels it will increase brand recognition. And it’s understandable that the POTUS feels the way he does, as Ball clearly had no pull in getting his son out of jail, and the least he could’ve done is said “thank you” and went about his merry way.