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Doug Williams wants Kirk Cousins to see the ‘bigger picture’ and sign new deal

Now that Doug Williams has been promoted to Redskins’ Senior Vice President of Player Personnel, he’s setting his sights on the team’s most important piece going forward: Kirk Cousins.

With the two sides still struggling to work out a new deal, Williams has essentially put the onus on Cousins’ camp to agree to terms, without directly saying it.

Since negotiations have been going on for over a year, it’s clear that the Redskins have laid out their offer, and now they hope Cousins will see that he has a bright future with the team, and agree to it. Here’s what Williams recently had to say about it while appearing on NFL Network Friday.

“All I can do is hope and pray that Kirk looks at the big picture and looks at this football team and realizes we do have a solid football team, solid offensive line,” Williams said. “He’s got something to work with.”

Williams then said Washington wants to sign Cousins in the “worst way,” and elaborated on that.

“The last two years, Kirk Cousins has had tremendous years,” he said. “And one thing in this league that’s hard to find is that guy to run the football team and Kirk does a tremendous job doing that. And with the weapons that he has and the offensive line that he has and I think our defense is a little better than what we were last year, quite naturally you want Kirk Cousins at quarterback.”

It’s important to note that Williams isn’t personally involved in the negotiation process. Vice President of Football Operations Eric Schaffer is tasked with trying to accomplish that goal.

Essentially, though, the Redskins are using PR strategy to make it look like the ball is in Cousins’ court. If he agrees to a new deal, great. But if he doesn’t, he’ll look like the bad guy.