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Draymond Green ejected from game for arguing with refs

When it comes to his relationship with referees, it’s safe to say that Draymond Green and the officials aren’t really besties.

Green, who has a long history of getting into it with opposing players, coaches and referees, did just that during Wednesday night’s game against the Kings.

And to be honest, his outburst was a bit unnecessary.

It happened in the second quarter when DeMarcus Cousins had the ball in the lane, and put a shot up. Green appeared to foul him in the process, and was whistled for that, but he didn’t think so. He then went off on the officials with a tantrum, and was hit with a technical foul.

But he didn’t stop there. Green continued to mouth off during the technical free throw, which got him a second tech, and an ejection.

Both Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr defended Green after the game.

Green is going to have to learn to control himself at some point during his career. Plus, mouthing off to the officials on a consistent basis isn’t going to help him get more calls in the future.