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Draymond Green has high praise for LeBron James, despite their past beef

We all remember when Draymond Green and LeBron James got into it during Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals. That exchange may have changed NBA history as we know it.

Green kicked James in the groin, and ended up being suspended for Game 5, which the Warriors ended up losing. They went on to lose momentum, as well as the final two games in the series, with the Cavs emerging as world champions. Had Green not been suspended, the Warriors likely would’ve won the title that year, and would’ve been able to three-peat, but it wasn’t to be.

The Warriors big man had some words for James after it happened, as well as the following season, specifically regarding the Cavs star’s overreactions to fouls, and he’s not the first to do so. Still, he appears to respect James, and recently had some high praise about LBJ’s business acumen.

“You have to give a lot of credit to LeBron,” he said, via an interview with GQ’s Nathaniel Friedman, on his new business venture with Blink Fitness. “LeBron did a great job managing his business with his partners. I either read it or I saw him speaking about it … he started to view himself as a partner, not someone who just had an endorsement deal. And I think a lot of athletes have started to take that back. Guys are much more educated, much smarter in the business field and most importantly, guys understand the leverage that we have and the platform that we have as athletes and are trying to take advantage of that.”

He also went on to say James owning businesses is good for the black community.

“With where we are today, with the social climate, with the political climate, I think it’s important more and more to have black-owned businesses,” he said.

It’s great to see the two have pretty much buried the hatchet, and have moved on from the heated exchanges they had in the past.