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Draymond Green slaps DeMarcus Cousins in the face (VIDEO)

DeMarcus Cousins and Draymond Green got tangled up fighting for a rebound in Saturday’s game, and Boogie was the unfortunate recipient of a shot to the face during that time.

It happened just minutes into the game, when Green went up to haul in a defensive rebound off a missed three-pointer. Cousins stuck his hand in and tried to pry the ball loose from Green, but ended up catching a shot to the face from his opponent.

The video shows just how hard Green slapped Cousins, but it’s hard to decipher if he did so intentionally. Either way, Cousins appeared to be in some discomfort afterward, as he stayed down on the court for a spell, before eventually getting up.

Both players remained in the game afterward, as officials likely deemed the contact to be accidental. It’s hard to give Green the benefit of the doubt so often, though, given his history.