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Drew Brees’ sons stole the show at Pro Bowl with sideline fight

The 2018 Pro Bowl featured better defense than fans were used to seeing, but the All-Star game still lacked the hard hits football aficionados like to watch happen on the gridiron.

Lucky for them, Drew Brees’ sons provided the entertainment and physical play the game was lacking.

Brees’ oldest son, Baylen, was doing an interview with his father on the sideline at one point during the game, but it was cut short due to an altercation in the background. Baylen’s brothers, Callen and Bowen, began fighting, which eventually caused sideline reporter Lisa Salters to cut the interview short.

That wasn’t all that happened, though. Baylen appeared to be none too pleased that his moment in the spotlight came to a halt, so he approached one of his brothers and destroyed the poor kid with an elbow.

Baylen really lowered the boom there.