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Drew Brees, unlike Tom Brady, wouldn’t tell his wife about a concussion

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady came up in headlines this week because of speculation about a concussion he suffered last year.

Granted, Brady never showed up on the injury report with a concussion, but wife Gisele Bundchen suggested otherwise in an interview and started a firestorm of chatter about the topic.

When asked about the situation on The Dan Patrick Show, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he’d never tell his wife about one, and explained why guys don’t want to admit when they have one in the first place (h/t Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk).

“I wouldn’t want her to worry…

…And that’s why it’s hard to change that mentality for guys. When you’re in the heat of the moment, heat of the battle and it’s competitive, you do not want to pull yourself out. That’s why the concussion protocols are in place where you’ve got the independent neurological consultants and the trainers and the referees. Everybody’s supposed to be looking.”

It’s an interesting perspective, to say the least. For context, here’s Gisel talking about Brady’s concussions on CBS This Morning:

The NFL went back and released a statement essentially saying they don’t have anything on record pertaining to a head injury suffered by Brady.

Something seems off about the whole situation, but as is the overall lesson here, things remain murky about the concussion situation in the NFL because some guys don’t want to admit it’s happened and hurt their teams.