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Dwyane Wade uses throwback photo to troll LeBron James’ new bald look

LeBron James’ new haircut — if we want to call it that — has generated more buzz on social media than the Warriors did in their championship parade.

James, now experimenting with the “bald” look for the first time, appeared to try to steal some of the Warriors’ thunder by picking a look with shock value. It didn’t seem coincidental that he first revealed the haircut when the Warriors’ parade was just beginning.

The memes have been all over social media, with many Tweeters and Facebook users having some fun at James’ expense. Well, on Friday, it was former teammate Dwyane Wade’s turn to do just that.

Wade shared this photo of him rocking the “bald” look, standing next to James, and essentially said that the tables have turned.

Here’s the caption that accompanied the photo:

How this convo went: Bron: Trey you look crazy bro Me: Bro you might as well get use to this look because one day soon you’re gonna have to go BALD…Bron: No sir I’m riding these waves until the wheels fall off. Well welcome to bald hood my brother. It looks better on you!

We highly doubt James will keep this look going forward. Sure, it eliminates criticism about his hairline, but its purpose appeared to be more about keeping the talk about him, rather than revealing a new look for years to come