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Eagles fan gets incredibly lifelike tattoo showing Nick Foles hoisting Lombardi Trophy

It didn’t take long for an Eagles fan to commemorate the team’s win in Super Bowl LII with some artwork on his body.

Teddy Munz went to Dead Sparrow Tattoo roughly one day after the Eagles emerged victorious in the big game, with plans of making a sketch showing Nick Foles a permanent part of his skin. Munz elected to get a large tattoo showing Foles hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on his calf, and it’s incredibly lifelike. Check it out.

“I always thought sports tattoos were cheesy,” said Munz, a die-hard Eagles fan who teaches English, via ESPN’s Darren Rovell. “But this one is cool. It’s the guy who started the season as the backup quarterback.”

That’s one of the better sports-themed tattoos we’ve seen. It perfectly mirrors the moment when Foles raised the Lombardi Trophy. The artist even nailed Foles’ facial expression.