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Earl Thomas urges Jason Garrett to pursue him in offseason during postgame chat

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas is set to be a free agent after 2018, and early reports indicate that the team isn’t likely to award him with the hefty contract extension that he’s seeking.

As such, the Seahawks could look to trade Thomas in the offseason. He appears to be aware of that fact, as he was seen walking with Dez Bryant to the locker room after Sunday’s game. That wasn’t too out of the norm, as players have been known to chat it up after games. However, Thomas apparently also spoke to Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, and urged the team to pursue him in the offseason if given the chance, which is something that rarely occurs.

“If y’all have the chance, come get me,” Thomas was heard saying, in a video posted by Edward Egros of FOX 4 News.

Jon Machota of The Dallas Morning News was also in the vicinity and confirmed what was said, so this postgame chat really did happen.

This exchange likely won’t go over well with some of Thomas’ teammates. The Seahawks are still in playoff contention, and can clinch a postseason berth with a Week 17 win and a Falcons loss (in their game against the Panthers). Thomas would have been better suited discussing offseason moves once the season is over, which is the appropriate time to do so. Being seen discussing a potential roster transaction with his opposition really isn’t a good look.