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Eli Manning getting support over memorabilia scandal from NYC strippers?

Things don’t look good for Eli Manning right now, as the evidence continues to mount against him in a memorabilia scandal. Manning has been accused of passing off equipment as being game-worn to sports memorabilia collectors.

The good news is that the girls at Hoops Cabaret are standing behind him.

Hoops is known for having its girls wear sports-themed jerseys, with Eli Manning being the most popular. The girls not only support Manning by wearing his jersey, but they believe he’s innocent.

“I don’t understand the controversy surrounding Eli Manning,” Hoops Cabaret girl Justine said, via Terez Owens. “I’m sure it will all get straightened out. Meanwhile, here are some pics of me and some of the Hoops girls proudly wearing—and stripping out of– his Number 10 jersey. Hope you like them!”

It’s good to see that Eli has some powerful people in his corner.