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Falcons DJ to troll Russell Wilson by playing Future songs during game

The Atlanta Falcons are already stepping their troll game up ahead of Saturday’s divisional round matchup against the Seahawks.

Given that the team is set to host what could be its final game at the Georgia Dome, it’s important to have the right music blaring through the speakers. And the Falcons DJ is making sure of it.

Stadium DJ Jay Envy already has a playlist ready for the big game, and, surprise surprise, it has a ton of Future songs on it.


Head coach Dan Quinn previously stated that he didn’t want any Future songs played, though.

But Jay Envy wasn’t having it.


Remember, Future is Ciara’s ex, and there was some beef between him and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. So playing Future during the game would be a pretty good attempt to get into Wilson’s head, although that’s a pretty tough feat to accomplish.