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Former teammate ‘not surprised’ Jay Cutler still a free agent

This is probably the only time anyone will ever hear Jay Cutler’s name in the same sentence as Eli Manning.

Former NFL safety Antrel Rolle, who played with both Manning and Cutler, told the NFL Network that neither quarterback is a born leader.

“But Eli has a way about himself to lead every guy. I just felt like, honestly, if Jay involved himself more with the team, more with his receivers, I think he’d get more better results on the playing field.”

After playing five years with the Giants, Rolle played for the Bears in 2015 before calling it a career. He went on to say Thursday that he’s “not surprised” Cutler is still looking for a team.

It’s also not surprising to hear that Cutler didn’t reach out to his teammates. It’s one thing for fans watching on TV to see Cutler’s surly face, but now someone who’s been in the locker room with Cutler has provided some insight on the personality behind that face.

Cutler turns 34 later this month and is 17-29 as a starter since turning 30.