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Fort Wayne player tries to draw foul on John Calipari with awful flop attempt (VIDEO)

Athletes will do whatever they can to gain a competitive edge in games, especially when one team is a sizable underdog and in need of a few lucky breaks just to keep the score close.

That was on display during Wednesday’s game between Fort Wayne and Kentucky, when Mastodons guard Xzavier Taylor attempted to corral a loose ball near the sideline. John Calipari was standing in the area at the time, and Taylor stumbled into the Wildcats head coach. He then tried to embellish some contact, as he snapped his head backward and clutched his face — in hopes of drawing a foul on the team’s head coach.

To his credit, Calipari did get away with a bit of a hand-check, but it was nowhere near the level of contact that Taylor made it appear to be. No foul was called on the play, and the Wildcats — who were tied with the Mastodons at 27-27 when the play happened — later pulled away and emerged victorious with a convincing 86-67 win.