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Hue Jackson admits Browns HQ has ‘been a leaky place for years’

The Cleveland Browns haven’t exactly served as a model organization over the years. From top to bottom, there have been issues regarding how the team goes about conducting its business.

For starters, the team has had nine head coaches (including interim head coach Terry Robiskie) since the turn of the century, and has failed to establish stability at a very important position. Furthermore, the Browns have gone through a number of executives as well, with former executive vice president Sashi Brown being the most recent one, as he was fired on Thursday.

With Brown having been fired, but head coach Hue Jackson keeping his job, there’s been a lot of rumors about information being leaked to the media. It’s been insinuated that Jackson has been leaking stories to criticize the front office in order to take the blame off himself, so he can retain his job.

Whether that’s true or not, there have been a lot of rumblings about it, so Jackson was asked about it by reporters on Thursday, and while he didn’t address his potential role in the leaks, he did comment that the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio has been having issues with leaks for quite some time.

“This has been a leaky place for years,” Jackson said, via Nick Shook of NFL.com.

It’s not a great look when the team’s head coach is saying the organization that employs him has issues with information being leaked. Most people in Jackson’s situation would’ve just taken the high road there, so it was interesting that he said what he said.