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Isaiah Thomas, Celtics stars open up about Gordon Hayward joining team

The Boston Celtics finally got a big win.

With Gordon Hayward agreeing to join the team via free agency on July 4, leaving the Utah Jazz in the process, the Celtics no longer classify as the franchise too conservative and hesitant to make a big splash.

Star point guard Isaiah Thomas certainly loves the development, as captured by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Others like Al Horford and Marcus Smart took to Twitter to celebrate the move:

Funnily enough, IT’s wife had also apparently posted a pretty funny video before the Hayward news went official, per Only in Boston:

Thomas has every right to celebrate—his team just landed one of the league’s most dynamic scorers who is smack in the middle of his prime. It doesn’t just take pressure off IT to score every time down the floor, it opens up the court for when he does decide to take things into his own hands.

The celebrating Celtics were the top seed in the Eastern Conference last year. While Hayward coming to town doesn’t assure the team it can take down LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, it opens up the door for other big moves and has the Celtics looking much better than the Cavaliers through a long-term lens.