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Isaiah Thomas takes a shot at reporter for article headline

Cavs guard Isaiah Thomas doesn’t appear to want to hear any more comparisons between him and Kyrie Irving, and understandably so.

Thomas was not happy with ESPN’s Chris Forsberg when he saw a recent article written by the reporter with the following headline: “Isaiah Who? Why Kyrie Irving is Boston’s new king of clutch time.” The article was published on Friday, and it didn’t take long for Thomas to get wind of it.

A Twitter user let Thomas know about it in this tweet.

Thomas then responded to the tweet, and said that while he respects what Irving has done in Boston, he doesn’t want people to forget about his career achievements, either.

The reporter saw what Thomas had to say, and defended himself by stating that he didn’t come up with the headline for the article.

It’s not a big surprise that Forsberg didn’t write the headline himself, as some major outlets leave that task up to their editorial team. Interestingly enough, the headline has since been changed and now reads as follows: “Kyrie Irving has morphed into Boston’s clutch-time superhero.” And it was all because of the social media influence that Thomas has.