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Jaguars reveal odd-looking Tom Coughlin merchandise (PHOTOS)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to drum up some interest in the Jacksonville Jaguars, so hyping the arrival of a roster-building guru makes sense.

Jacksonville brought on Tom Couglin this offseason to help mold the roster, a big move for the organization not only because he was the team’s coach from 1995-2002 when it entered the league via expansion, but because he did great work with the New York Giants while winning two Super Bowls.

So a good move, though one the team Jaguars want fans to celebrate by…buying a T-shirt? Interesting:

This is quite the, well, Jaguars move. It’s hard to imagine fans of any team would pay actual money to wear merchandise supporting a member of the front office. Fans don’t do this for head coaches, so doing it for a member of the front office is just…odd.

Unless the Jaguars know something we don’t, Coughlin isn’t putting on a helmet next year. The rhyme on the T-shirt above is smooth, but this one should have stayed tacked on the drawing board.