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James Franklin upset with Trace McSorley for delivering forearm shot to his ribs (VIDEO)

Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley was fired up after throwing a touchdown pass early in the Fiesta Bowl — a bit too much, perhaps.

McSorley hooked up with wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton on a 48-yard touchdown strike in the first quarter of the game, and then went to the sideline to celebrate with his head coach. The problem is that he got a bit too physical in doing so.

James Franklin went in for a hug, but McSorley, for some reason, delivered a forearm shot to his coach’s ribs, which seemed like it hurt. Apparently, it did, which Franklin revealed at halftime. The Penn State head coach also added that he was upset with McSorley for the forearm shot during a halftime interview, just before heading into the locker room.

“And I’m not happy after the first touchdown, Trace McSorley punched me in the ribs, and they’re killing me right now,” Franklin said.

It’s understandable that McSorley was pumped up after his team jumped out to an early lead, but what he did was completely unnecessary. And it was surprising as well, given that Franklin is known for being a disciplinarian. McSorley will likely face some sort of punishment in the near future as a result, even if it’s just in the form of extra laps or push-ups.