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Jason Witten posts emotional goodbye letter to Tony Romo

The bromance between Jason Witten and Tony Romo was one of the best in all of sports, but after 13 years of playing alongside each other, it’s now come to an end.

Witten, one of the classiest players in football, clearly hasn’t forgotten that Romo was the quarterback who gave him plenty of targets, and is a big reason why the tight end is set to break Michael Irvin’s Cowboys receiving record in 2017.

He posted this goodbye letter on Twitter Saturday to honor Romo.

In case you were unable to read it, here’s what Witten had to say about how he’d remember Romo.

“For me, I will remember the ultra-driven athlete who worked his tail off to learn how to perfect the proper throwing motion. The player who would stand at the chalk board tirelessly thinking through and dissecting how to block-up a brutal Jim Johnson blitz. A guy who would take command of the line of scrimmage with the authority of a 5-star military general all while having the charisma of Joe Namath and the competitive fire of Michael Jordan.”

Romo had this to say in response.

The bromance is as strong as their connection on the field was. The two were seemingly always in sync.