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Jay Cutler: Bears shouldn’t start Mitchell Trubisky ‘if it’s going downhill’

It hasn’t taken long for Jay Cutler to speak out about his former team now that he’s a broadcaster.

The former Bears quarterback told ESPN Radio, via CSN Chicago, that if the Bears get off to a bad start this season, they should just let rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky sit out and avoid throwing him into the fire.

“If it’s going downhill, I don’t really see any reason to play the kid,” Cutler said. “I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of people calling for his name, because you draft him at No. 2 and draft him for a reason, and that’s to play football and win games. But if you look at a lot of quarterbacks throughout this league, until you’ve got some people around you, some pieces around you, it’s hard to win football games in this league as a quarterback.”

Cutler said the Bears put Mike Glennon in an awkward position after signing him to a contract that pays him $15 million a year, then drafting Trubisky with the No. 2 pick. Now that Cutler is a former Bear, he doesn’t have to feel awkward saying any of this.

One thing Cutler didn’t account for, however, was the possibility that Trubisky is the Week 1 starter. In that case, how damaging would it be if Trubisky gets off to a rough start and then gets benched? It sounds like Cutler is assuming Glennon is the Week 1 starter. That will be a decision the Bears have to make, because it’s not Cutler’s problem anymore.