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Jerick McKinnon mocks Falcons with ‘Dirty Bird’ dance after TD (VIDEO)

Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon grew up in Marietta, Georgia, so he knows a thing or two about what the Falcons do to get in their opponents’ heads.

So when McKinnon scored the Vikings’ first points of the day in the second quarter of Sunday’s game, on a two-yard touchdown catch, he flipped the script and gave the Falcons a dose of their own medicine.

McKinnon scored, turned to fans in the stands and then proceeded to hit the “Dirty Bird” dance to celebrate.

For comparison purposes, check out former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson doing the dance. Who did it better?

It’s usually the Falcons players that are doing that dance, but McKinnon — as a Georgia native — must believe he’s entitled to do it, too.