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Jerry Jones downplays talk of Dez Bryant’s emotional outbursts impacting team

The Cowboys needed veteran receiver Dez Bryant to come up big in last Sunday’s must-win game against the Seahawks, but unfortunately for the team, he was anything but dominant in the 21-12 loss.

Bryant was responsible for two turnovers in the game, fumbling once and also dropping a pass that should’ve been caught, which resulted in an interception. The Cowboys needed a playmaker on offense in the pivotal game, and Bryant actually helped the Seahawks more than he did his team — finishing with only three catches for 43 yards in the contest.

And while Bryant’s play on the field was bad, his attitude wasn’t much better. He was seen having some words while seated on the bench late in the second quarter of the game, which led to some criticism from analysts. Peter King of The MMQB even stated that the Cowboys should move the “head case” in the offseason.

Team owner Jerry Jones, however, downplayed the effect Bryant’s attitude has had on the team during his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

“That’s part of Dez’s game,” Jones said, as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News. “And that’s not to be trite about it. But Dez has been having emotion on the sideline since he’s been here. And he’s had emotion in the dressing room after the game after a loss since he’s been here.

“So, those aren’t things that I think ultimately impact our team with Dez. Everybody understands the best of Dez and one of the best things about him is emotion.”

Jones is correct in saying that Bryant showing emotion on the field is nothing new, but his dominant play on the field previously used to fire his teammates up during games when he was seen getting testy with them or coaches on the sideline. It’s a different story now, as Bryant has been disappointing as it relates to his production on the field this season. The 29-year-old wideout appears to be on the decline, and his teammates may not be as receptive to his emotional outbursts as they used to.

It will be interesting to see what the Cowboys do with Bryant in the offseason, as he’s signed through 2019, but can opt out of his current deal after next season.