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Jets player shoves Cam Newton to disrupt his Superman TD celebration (VIDEO)

Jamal Adams clearly did not want Cam Newton doing his signature celebration in the end zone on the Jets’ home turf, and he did all he could to prevent it from happening.

Newton scored a one-yard touchdown in the second quarter of Sunday’s game, on a play-action bootleg, and made sure to let everyone on and off the field know about it. The Panthers signal-caller turned to fans in the stands and did his signature Superman celebration in the end zone, but seemed to really take his time in doing so.

Adams was not happy about Newton’s attempt to steal the spotlight in MetLife Stadium, so he shoved the Panthers quarterback while he was still celebrating.

Newton was seen complaining to officials afterward, but didn’t present much of a case. He did seem to milk the celebration a bit, so he had to know it wasn’t going to sit well with the Jets players.