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Jim Mora cursed out a news anchor on live TV, and it was funny (VIDEO)

Jim Mora may not be a coach anymore, but he still provides us with hilarious outbursts and isn’t afraid to speak his mind at all. It’s part of what makes him such a great analyst, as he breaks down Saints games after they’re in the books for WDSU-TV.

He had plenty to say after the Saints had a poor performance on the road against the Vikings on Monday night, and even managed to sneak in a jab at a fellow analyst.

When show anchor Scott Walker joked that Mora grows less patient the later it is in the day, the former Saints head coach felt the need to defend himself, so he did. The thing is that he thought he was off air. He clearly didn’t know the cameras were rolling when he told Walker he was “full of sh-t.”

“It was live, but that’s OK!” Gotta love the response, and the fact that Mora can do no wrong among his peers.