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Jim Tomsula gave some weird advice to his players during Eagles game (VIDEO)

The Redskins turned in their worst defensive performance of the season on Monday night, as they allowed the Eagles to rack up 23 first downs, which ultimately led to 34 points being given up.

Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky may have created a solid gameplan for his guys to follow, but the execution wasn’t there. To the team’s credit, they were dealing with a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball, and going up against the Eagles’ high-powered offense is no easy task to begin with.

The Redskins did manage to sack Carson Wentz three times in the game, and maybe that’s because defensive line coach Jim Tomsula fired them up with some words of wisdom.

We now have video to serve as proof that Tomsula had this to say to his guys on the sideline during the game:

“Everybody play butt-ass naked!”

It’s possible the Redskins linemen felt lighter and more free after hearing that piece of advice.