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Joel Embiid destroys Russell Westbrook with monster dunk, then stares him down

Only Russell Westbrook stood between Joel Embiid and the rim in the first quarter of Sunday’s game, and it didn’t end well for the reigning MVP.

Embiid received a pass from Ben Simmons and set up near the top of the key on the play, and he then used a shot fake to blow by Steven Adams. That forced Westbrook to rotate and attempt to protect the rim, which was a difficult task, given that Embiid is considerably larger than he is.

Westbrook, to his credit, stood in the lane and drew some contact, attempting to draw a charge. However, not only did he not draw the foul, but Embiid also dunked all over him — sending Westbrook to the ground.  Embiid also managed to rub it in afterward by staring Westbrook down.

Ouch, that looked painful.