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Joel Embiid has funny reason for why he doesn’t use burner accounts

Joel Embiid is currently playing in only his second season in the league, but he’s already an expert at trash talking before, during and after games.

Embiid uses social media to get in his opponents’ heads, and he has never shied away about addressing his trash talking, either.

The Sixers big man was recently asked about that very topic by former NBA great Isiah Thomas — who was pretty great at trash talk himself — after Monday’s 108-92 win over the Knicks. Thomas joked with Embiid about not using his burner account to make a particular statement, and that’s when the seven-footer delivered a hilarious take about why he doesn’t have ghost social media accounts.

“I don’t have any burner accounts,” Embiid said with a laugh. “When I want to say something, I say it through my actual account because I’m a savage. I’m a savage — I don’t care.”

Given what Embiid has said in the past, we’re inclined to believe him here. And while Embiid may not use burner accounts, we do know that Kevin Durant used at least one of them in the past, as he was caught in the act of posting from one.

As for Embiid being a savage, he isn’t wrong. Both his teammates and his opponents would likely agree with him on that statement.