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Joey Votto will make good on donkey gift to Zack Cozart for making All-Star team

Many thought Reds veteran slugger Joey Votto wouldn’t actually buy teammate Zack Cozart a donkey if he made the All-Star team.

But they thought wrong.

Votto, who is known for being a fan of donkeys, promised to Cozart that if he made the All-Star team, he’d buy him a donkey.

And recently, the talk resurfaced, as Votto attempted to campaign for Cozart to make the team, which you can see in this photo.

Well, now that he made it, Votto is making good on his promise, which Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“He doesn’t have a phone. He only uses a pager,” Votto said. “He’s kind of in that black market business. He’ll see it’s time to bring that donkey to Cincinnati.”

He continued:

“The donkey’s been in the works for a while,” Votto said. “We’ve got one taken care of.”

Yeah, we’re going to need photos to serve as proof.