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John Wall throws shade at teammate Marcin Gortat in interview

Wizards star point guard John Wall is currently sidelined as he attempts to recover from a procedure on his knee, but that hasn’t stopped him from voicing his opinion.

Wall threw some shade at teammate Marcin Gortat on Tuesday in an interview with ESPN’s Michael Smith that aired on “SC6,” as he responded to a recent tweet that the Wizards big man posted. Here’s what Wall had to say:

“It was more just shocking to hear it from him, understanding that he gets the most assists from me, the most spoon-fed baskets ever,” Wall said.

Notice how Wall paused near the end, as he was either doing it for emphasis, or it’s also possible that he was deciding whether he was going to add the “spoon-fed baskets” part. In the end, he chose to say it.

For some backstory, in case you missed Gortat’s tweet, in which he appeared to shade Wall via a recent comment about a “team” victory, here’s what the Wizards center had to say last week.

It does appear that there’s a bit of tension between the two teammates, and that could be why the Wizards have engaged in trade talks with a few teams who are interested in Gortat’s services.

As for Wall, he could’ve taken the high road here, but chose not to. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the future, and how it might affect the team’s chemistry on the court.