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Johnny Manziel sued by bar employee after alleged fight

Johnny Manziel can’t stay out of the headlines despite the shuttering of his NFL career.

The former Cleveland Browns quarterback was allegedly in a bar fight in September in which he broke bar back’s nose.

Now the employee, Eric Newton, wants to take Maziel to court. The suit is for $200,000 to $1 million, according to Claire Z. Cardona of the Dallas News, who transcribed the meat of the lawsuit allegations:

Newton was working Sept. 6 at the New York New York bar on East Sixth Street on a night that Manziel was attending a private party, the suit alleges. It says Manziel  “demanded” Newton, who works as a bar-back, make several drinks.

Shortly after, someone from Manziel’s group went downstairs and overheard Newton speaking to another customer who had asked Newton about his opinion of Manziel, the suit states.

The person went upstairs and told Manziel what happened. Manziel “came downstairs, ran behind the bar, cursed at Mr. Newton, and punched him in the face, breaking Mr. Newton’s nose,” the lawsuit says.

This is far from the last time Manziel will make headlines for off-field trouble. He remains embroiled in a lawsuit over a misdemeanor assault charge involving an ex-girlfriend.

As any sane individual should do, one has to hope Manziel removes himself from trouble in the future, regardless of whether he pursues a pro sport again. But at the same time, he serves as a stern warning to teams what rushing a young player with flags through the system can do.