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Johnny Manziel throws pass to Odell Beckham in workout video

It’s currently unclear where Johnny Manziel will play in the future, but we do know that it’s officially “Comeback SZN,” as the former Browns quarterback has been working out in hopes of getting signed by a team.

Manziel apparently worked out with Odell Beckham Jr. recently, as he posted a video on Twitter showing him throwing a pass to the Giants receiver.

Manziel also shouted out Jamal Liggin, a performance coach who is seen in the video clip, and has worked with a number of NFL players, including Von Miller, Anthony Barr, Marcedes Lewis and Connor Cook.

As for Manziel, it’s unclear if he’ll sign with a Canadian Football League team in the future, or if he’s looking to make an NFL comeback, but it sure is fun to watch videos of him working out with Beckham.