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Johnathan Joseph and TY Hilton trade punches, not ejected from game

Sunday’s Texans-Colts matchup turned into a boxing match between Johnathan Joseph and T.Y. Hilton at one point, and it was quite an ugly scene.

Joseph and Hilton got into it after a play in the third quarter of the game, but it didn’t end with a verbal exchange. Instead, it eleveated into the two trading punches. The two exchanged blows — most of which connected, and landed right on their opponent’s facemask — and it was one of the longest fights we’ve seen this season involving players.

And yet, somehow, neither player was ejected from the game. Both Hilton and Joseph were hit with unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, but neither was removed from the field. The two actually remained on the turf and continued to battle it out, this time using words and gestures.

The NFL needs to set a precedent by ejecting players from games for throwing punches, and this was a prime example of that.