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Josh Norman revenge game vs. Panthers begins with some innocent quotes

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman gets a shot at revenge in Week 15 against his former team.

Fans know Norman will have a thing or two to say about the Carolina Panthers in the week leading up to the game after an ugly split. Carolina didn’t want to pay Norman so the two sides split, and folks know Norman as one of the guys who trash talks the most these days.

The Panthers, though, have been careful not to start any fires. Head coach Ron Rivera carefully talked about how the coaching staff handled Norman via Black and Blue Review:

No (I never thought about benching him in Carolina) because we saw the talent and we saw the ability. We got frustrated with him, and he’s stubborn, and he’s hardheaded, but he’s tremendously talented, and we know that. You don’t give up on talented players; that’s one of the things that Dave used to always chirp to us about.

Rivera took the same approach in another interview:

As for Norman? Fans can tell he’s building to something bigger:

We may never know all the details about the split. It’s clear the Redskins have won thus far, with the Panthers sitting on an 5-8 record and one of the worst secondaries in the league, a unit that has seen players released this year. Washington is 7-5-1 and hoping to win out and perhaps have a shot at the playoffs.

Rest assured Norman will try to make sure the Redskins win the head-to-head encounter as well. Fans can expect plenty of eye-catching chatter to emerge soon.