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Julian Edelman nearly began his NFL career with Packers?

It’s hard to think of Julian Edelman playing for any NFL team that isn’t the Patriots: The look/beard, the attitude, the grit and the bromance with Tom Brady. Edelman embodies everything that Bill Belichick and Co. look for in a player.

However, an interesting nugget recently emerged that revealed Edelman, who was a quarterback in college, nearly landed with the Packers to begin his career.  Since he was a hybrid player, Edelman said that a number of teams were interested in his services at first as a potential undrafted free agent, because of how popular the Wildcat formation was at the time. But many weren’t sure exactly how he would fit with their team.

Edelman admitted the backup plan was to sign with the Packers if no team drafted him. Sure enough, the Patriots selected him in the seventh round, and the rest is history. A lot of interesting stuff went on behind the scenes, though, which Edelman finally opened up about, and NESN has the full story.

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