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Kansas City Royals educating players about the pitfalls of pornography

The Internet and social media have opened plenty of doors for athletes, coaches and fans, but they’ve also presented some obstacles as well.

Like pornography, for instance.

It’s not uncommon for athletes to be sliding into the direct messages of Instagram models, rather than studying tape or spending extra time perfecting their craft. The Kansas City Royals, it appears, are well aware of that fact, and they’re taking the necessary steps to educate their players about the pitfalls of porn.

No, seriously.

A libertarian might view this “seminar” of sorts to be a bit ridiculous, and we tend to agree. Sure, the Royals have these players on their payroll, but going this far to control an aspect of a guy’s personal life seems a bit extreme.

The fact that the Royals are doing it, when other teams are not, leads us to believe they’ve had some issues in the past. Maybe someone forgot to clear their browsing history?