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Kate Upton goes on epic rant about Justin Verlander’s Cy Young snub

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander got screwed out of winning the AL CY Young this year. Nevermind wins and losses — Verlander got very little run support — look at the stats, and it’s clear he should’ve won.

The Tigers ace even got the most first-place votes, yet somehow didn’t win!

Well, Verlander’s fiancee, Kate Upton, was not happy about it, and she went on one of the most epic rants you’ll ever see from a WAG. She brought the heat, and to be honest, she was wrong. This wasn’t like one of those baseless Miko Grimes rants, where you just shake your head.

Check out what she had to say.


Not too long after, the peanut gallery began weighing in, so Justin’s brother, Ben, came with the heat. Numbers never lie, and that’s what he provided.

Both Salty Younger Brother and Upton are right. Unfortunately, voters often have agendas, or fall victim to “What have you done for me lately?” and Rick Porcello had an exceptional August and September. So, he won the award.

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