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Kelly Oubre sends Kelly Olynyk to the floor with brutal forearm, gets ejected (VIDEO)

A physical altercation involving two players you don’t normally see in the middle of things broke out in Game 3 of the Celtics-Wizards series on Thursday night.

It happened in the second quarter, and was between two bench/role players — Kelly Oubre and Kelly Olynyk — which isn’t usually the norm. Regardless, things got a bit heated when Olynyk set a hard screen on Oubre, and knocked him to the floor.

Oubre immediately jumped up and ran at Olynyk, then decked him with a brutal forearm. A skirmish then broke out, which wasn’t much of a surprise, given what had just happened, and also because tensions had been high in this series as is.

Olynyk was hit with an offensive foul, while Oubre got a flagrant-2, which warrants an automatic suspension.

Maybe it was just a battle to decide who the tougher Kelly is?