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Kevin Hart perfectly impersonates Shaq in ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit (VIDEO)

Actor Kevin Hart may be nearly two feet shorter than Shaq, but that didn’t stop him from impersonating the big man in the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

The five-foot-four Hart wore stilts to imitate Shaq, and joined Kenan Thompson — who played Charles Barkley in the skit — in SNL‘s attempt to mock TNT’s Inside the NBA.

Hart really excelled at getting into character, and did a great job of imitating Shaq’s voice. During the skit, he called out Thompson and challenged him to a game of one-on-one. Hart also made some nonsensical statements just like Shaq has been known to do — which, of course, included a “Shaqtin’ A Fool” reference.

This was Hart’s third time hosting SNL, and arguably his best, as the skit seemed to really resonate with sports fans.