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Kings prank Lakers fans, test their fandom with interviews about fake players

It’s no secret that — up until a few years ago — the Lakers have been one of the biggest bandwagon teams in the NBA.

Over the last few seasons, however, the Lakers have finished at the bottom of the Western Conference standings, so there really hasn’t been anything to root for. But the team has been rebuilding, and excitement seems to be renewed in the wake of drafting Lonzo Ball with the third overall pick in this year’s draft.

The Sacramento Kings capitalized on the fact that some Lakers fans may not be very aware of the team’s history, and had some fun while the Las Vegas Summer League went on.

The Kings used their social media team to walk around the Thomas & Mack Center and look for Lakers fans to interview about players on their roster. However, the players weren’t real at all, and were just names from other celebrities.

Here’s what happened when the Kings asked Lakers fans about Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) and Ned Stark (a Game of Thrones character).

The Kings really need to find better ways to bide their time, and would probably be better suited attempting to build a team capable of bringing home their first title in franchise history.