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Kirk Cousins opens up about his love of theatre

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has an artsy side to him, apparently.

While most NFL players engage in the sports world, and are completely distant from the arts, even during the offseason, Cousins recently revealed that he’s a fan of both.

“I’m a big Broadway fan. Love musical theater,” Cousins said on Wednesday, via Brian McNally of CBS DC. “My mom kind of raised me on that.”

This question seemed to come out of left field, but there’s a reason Cousins was asked about it. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post reported that Cousins has been seen singing and dancing to “Hamilton” in the locker room, which isn’t something most quarterbacks do.

Cousins has made it known that he’s interested in getting into broadcasting after his career in the NFL is over, but maybe he’s more suited for the theatre.