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Kirk Cousins revealed why interesting object drives, motivates him (PHOTO)

Not only is Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins a student of the game of football, but he also approached education/high school just as seriously as well.

Cousins recently took to Instagram to show off one of the objects that helps drive and motivate him on a daily basis, and it’s not one you’d normally think of.

The Redskins signal-caller told his followers that this particular high school math test serves as motivation for him, since he scored a “C+” on it.

Sometimes our guests ask why I have this hanging above my desk. It's an old high school math quiz when I didn't study at all and got a C+… just a subtle reminder to me of the importance of preparation. If I don't prepare I get C's!

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Speaking of education, he also posted a photo of all the books he’s set to read in the near future.

The next stack of books to read through…

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A “C+” isn’t even really all that bad, but Cousins sets the bar for himself high, apparently.