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Kirk Cousins spotted at Shake Shack in Mall of America, draws big crowd

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is set to hit the free-agent market next month, with the team having acquired Alex Smith from the Chiefs.

Cousins appears to be on track for a massive payday, with a number of teams — Broncos, Jets, Cardinals, Bills, Browns, to name a few — all interested in his services. So what was he spotted buying recently?

Food at Shake Shack — that’s what Cousins was seen purchasing. Cousins is apparently in the Minneapolis area for Super Bowl week, and was spotted in line at the Shake Shack located in the Mall of America food court on Wednesday. He did not go unnoticed, either.

Not only that, Cousins was also approached by reporters who had questions for him, which he politely declined to answer.

Cousins is a smart man, as Shake Shack makes a fantastic burger. It’s not a hot take to say that the quality is slightly better than In-N-Out Burger, even, depending on one’s tastes. It appeared as if there was a fairly long line that he was forced to wait in, but in my experiences, it’s always worth it.