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Kirk Cousins will reportedly sign with Vikings for this amount of money

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is set to hit free agency, and when it’s all set and done, he’ll be the highest-paid player on the market.

Cousins has a number of teams interested in his services — the Vikings, Broncos, Jets and Cardinals among them — but it appears as if he’s narrowed it down to just two choices.

The Vikings and Broncos give him the best opportunity to win now, and Cousins has said in the past that he values winning over money. If he wants the cash, the Jets have been rumored to offer $90 million guaranteed, which is a solid opportunity as well, especially since New York is looking for a new football star to rally around.

But a recent report indicates that Cousins will land with the Vikings, and they’ll also pay him a lot more than many believed they’d be able to pay.

The salary cap will go up after next season, but the Vikings have a number of stars on the defensive side of the ball. They also have two top-10 receivers that will eventually command big paydays. If they really do offer Cousins somewhere near this number, and he accepts, they’d clearly be all-in to win the Super Bowl in 2018. Otherwise, they’ll have some tough decisions to make down the road.

If this report is indeed true, then the Vikings must really value Cousins — more than we even first believed. Allocating that amount of money to one player will make building a team around Cousins fairly challenging, but the Vikings will apparently cross that bridge when they come to it.