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Kristaps Porzingis’ workout videos show he’s packing on size, which he needs to do

The NBA is all about athletic big men nowadays, but let’s be honest: Kristaps Porzingis could use some added lean muscle mass in his back, and especially his legs.

At 240 pounds, standing seven-foot-three, it would benefit Porzingis to bulk up to the 260-range, and maybe that’s why he’s been hitting the weights hard this offseason.

Check out the form on these squats — butt out and all.

And you can’t squat without deadlifting.

I’m still sore from my leg day yesterday, so I feel Porzingis’ pain. With that being said, these workouts will benefit him greatly in the future, especially when he’s eventually playing for a good team — you know, one not named the Knicks.