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Lakers will reach out to UCLA coach Steve Alford to ask questions about LaVar Ball

The Los Angeles Lakers want to find out everything there is to know about Lonzo Ball. That includes asking  around about his outspoken father, LaVar Ball.

In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show Friday, Lakers coach Luke Walton said the team will “absolutely” reach out to Steve Alford to ask questions about LaVar Ball’s involvement at UCLA when his son played for the Bruins this past year.

“Would you ask somebody about LaVar Ball’s involvement at UCA in regards to Lonzo Ball?” Patrick asked. “Would you ask Steve Alford about that?”

“I wouldn’t personally,” Walton said. “But yes, someone in our organization will.”

Walton added that he’s “not concerned at all” about LaVar Ball’s involvement. He’s much more interested in if Lonzo can help the Lakers win.

It sounds like Los Angeles is taking all the right steps in regards to scouting Lonzo. In the end, if he’s capable of making the Lakers better, then he’s the right for them regardless of his father.